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KidcrusherHorrorcore / Juggalo / Psychometal

AustraliaBorn with the rush to Create and Control from the age of 12 working with music and film and his own Backyard Wrestling Federation and now in bold in the underground of Australian HorrorCore [ Death Metal Rap ] KidCrusher is throwing projects down to earth like a endless reign of pain, with tales of torture, Depression and Despair.

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nuERANu Metal / Alt. Metal

(ex- (Un)said vox)

USAnuERA is an Orlando based hard rock band which draws its influence from many genres including metal, hip-hop, hardcore, and the dreaded nu-metal styles.

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(un)SAIDAlt. Metal / Melodic Metalcore

USAHailing from Colorado, this all-original alt-metal band was formed in 2004 by Danny (guitar) and Golf (drums).

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CellpanIndustrial Metal

(membes of Underlined)

USACellpan was a band from the swamp lands of florida.  

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NiobeNu-Metal / Rapcore / Tribal-Metal

USANiobe was a tribal nu-metal band from NY

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Kem Secksdiin / Subkulture

K3M 53cK5d11N SubkultureElectronic / Industrial

(ex member – Crossbreed, Celldweller)

USASubkulture – the alias of Kem Secksdiin, is a genesis of years of musical experimentation. Kem formed Subkulture in hopes to consummate his years of experience as an artist and performer with the art of production. Kem utilizes an insightful interpretation of underground club music with his metal upbringing to showcase the raw essence and power that is Subkulture.

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EradicateAggressive / Nu Metal / Industrial

FranceEradicate is a french experimental metal band from Nantens.

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USAInspired by the Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine, the Wichita, KS, rap-rock group Shuvel mixes politics with aggressive rock and two MCs. The band appeared on the Celebrity Deathmatch soundtrack, toured with likeminded acts such as Kittie and Sevendust, and also appeared on the Methods of Mayhem and Ozzfest 2000 festivals before the late summer release of their debut album, Set It Off.

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Trigger Point

Trigger PointNu Metal / Post-Hardcore

USAThe Alternative-Metal band Trigger Point got its start in Los Angeles, California USA, in 2001, but it wasn’t until three years later that the four-piece finally got the line-up in place; comprising vocalist Taylor Wallace, guitarist Mike Bashur, bassist Paul Kelly and drummer Dave Gentry, the group began to tour throughout the West Coast. Their unique sound, a delicate balance of unforgettable melodies, commanding guitar riffs and chest pounding grooves, garnered them a deal with the indie label Corporate Punishment Records who released their debut album, “A Silent Protest”, in September 2005; it included the Rock radio single “Picking Up The Pieces”.

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TensideAggressive / Thrash Metal / Groove Metal / Modern

GermanyTenside is a german alternative metal band from München, Bavaria.

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