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SicktanickHorrorcore / Wicked Shit

USASickTanicK (born Andres Shrim) is a horrorcore rapper from New Mexico. He copies the vocal style of Jamie Madrox of Twiztid, and uses the image of Pinhead from Hellraiser because his brain is the size of a pea, and therefore not quite big enough to enable him to think for himself like an average human being.

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GravediggazEast Coast Rap / Horrorcore / Hardcore Hip-Hop

USAGravediggaz is an American hip hop group from New York City, well known for its dark sense of humor and abrasive, menacing soundscapes. The group is widely credited as being one of the most influential and pioneering groups in the small hip-hop subgenre of horrorcore.

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kgp - Kapitol G ProductionzHorrorcore Rap / Wicked Shit

USAKnown as “The Baddest Mutha fucka on the Planet God damn it!” KGP is one of the most recognized artists in the genre of Horrorcore/Wicked Rap.

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Axe Murder Boyz

Axe Murder BoyzHorrorcore Rap / Juggalo

USAAxe Murder Boyz are an American hip hop duo from Denver, Colorado. The group consists of brothers Mike and James Garcia, who perform under the names Bonez Dubb and Otis.

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Delinquent Habits

Delinquent HabitsHip-Hop /  Latin / Chicano Rap / Old School

USADelinquent Habits (also known as Los Delinquentes and Los Tres Delinquentes) is a hip hop group. Formed in East Los Angeles in 1991, they are known for their Latin-tinged rap, which is both melodic and hardcore.

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Heaven HorrorcoreHorrorcore

RussiaHeaven is 20 years old and has already received positive feedback from Mastamind of Detroit’s Natas, Liquid Assassin, Onyx, and horrorcore icon Lo Key! He has also worked with underground greats such as Mars of Mad Insanity Records, Sodoma Gomora of the Czech Republic, Ian Stone of Dark Half, Bloodshot and Con-Crete of Slaughtercore Entertainment, and even Scum and Smallz One of Lyrikal Snuff Productions.

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KidcrusherHorrorcore / Juggalo / Psychometal

AustraliaBorn with the rush to Create and Control from the age of 12 working with music and film and his own Backyard Wrestling Federation and now in bold in the underground of Australian HorrorCore [ Death Metal Rap ] KidCrusher is throwing projects down to earth like a endless reign of pain, with tales of torture, Depression and Despair.

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nuERANu Metal / Alt. Metal

(ex- (Un)said vox)

USAnuERA is an Orlando based hard rock band which draws its influence from many genres including metal, hip-hop, hardcore, and the dreaded nu-metal styles.

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(un)SAIDAlt. Metal / Melodic Metalcore

USAHailing from Colorado, this all-original alt-metal band was formed in 2004 by Danny (guitar) and Golf (drums).

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CellpanIndustrial Metal

(membes of Underlined)

USACellpan was a band from the swamp lands of florida.  

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